Abby Sandals Camel Tan

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Abby Sandals Camel Tan 1 1
- Upper leather
- Slip-on sandals
- Insole cushion wrap with synthetic leather
- Outsole fiber
Insole measurement:
36: 23 cm
37: 23,5 cm
38: 24 cm
39: 24,5 cm
40: 25 cm
*The size is normal local size. Pay attention to the size detail and choose one that suit your feet.
Put your shoes in well aired room, keep away from direct sunlight, enormous heat, and dust. Attach silica gel to absorb moisture if you put them inside the box. On a daily basis, brush away any surface with a soft brush. For more intense clean after rugged activity, use wet towel and air dry. You can clean the upper with leather cleaner or lotion (non whitening) occasionaly, but be careful of the risk of its altered color.
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